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Dread Mama is a site all about dreadlocks information and tips! Started by me, Trula Earthgarden. Conceptualized in the late 1990s, my first dreadlocks site was online 2001, 2002ish. I wrote the Dread Mama book back then and it is currently being refreshed and revived for y’all, available Fall 2017. The children featured on the site are mine unless otherwise noted, and yes all 3 are now grown! I am sure those of you who have followed Dread Mama over the years are just as amazed by that as I am. They will always be my babies, but time goes on. Anyway, they have all had dreadlocks off and on over the years. Currently only my youngest son has them, I will try to get new pics of his hair up as he lets me.

To be continued! In the meantime, here is a cute pic:



Versatility with Dreadlocks

Versatility with Dreadlocks

My dreadlocked hair is very long and my husband likes very long hair. He would like me to grow it to the floor but I had to tap out at 4 ft, that was just too long for me. I cut mine back this past summer to 3.5 feet and I’m really considering cutting off another foot, at least to my waist. I wouldn’t go shorter than waist-length out of respect for him though.
For versatility what I do is have the front of my hair unlocked and cut fairly short (I usually trim it back around 8-10 inches). I wear this part of my hair in different ways; twists, cornrows, just out, curled. That’s something you could try if you don’t want to cut it and just want to change up your look now and then.

Here are some pics from various years showing this. First one from 2000. Front loose in twist-out (hair twisted when wet then taken out)

Trula short dreads 2000

2004, front loose in afro

Trula afro dreads 2004

Hair loose in front in big twists

Trula dread twists

Hair loose in front cornrowed, 2005

Trula cornrows 2005

One big fat flat twist in front, 2009

Trula flat twist dreads 2009

Not sure of the year, maybe 2011ish. Hair loose in front and just parted in the middle

trula front dreads

I rocked this for a few years, hair shaved on both sides, loose on top, dreads in one big ponytail

Trula ponytail dreads

Now I have locked the front off and on over the years as well, here is a more recent pic from 2013, front dreadlocked and curled, rest of locks back in a bun

Trula curly dreads 2013

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